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Take social customer care to the next level

Answer to Facebook comments and messages from one tab. Keep up with conversations with real-time updates, stay organized with using our tags, and never lose track of comment history.

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Optimize social content and measure impact

Discover insights within your social data that go far beyond the metrics provided on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Insights. All-in-one dashboards show how conversations take place, which content performs best and how your audience engages with it.

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Simplify reporting and transparency

Save time by extracting the essence of your social performance, justifying your strategies to your team, managers or clients in one click. Schedule, customize and easily run standard reports, or Sotrender can create tailor-made reports to fit your needs.

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Track competitor performance and activity

Competitor analysis tracks your competition, so you can benchmark your social media performance against theirs. Conduct a variety of analyses and comparisons, charting content, audience, growth rates, keywords and much more.

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“In the dynamic digital and social media environment, good analysis and thorough insights are as valuable as gold. Sotrender, as an expert, enables brand builders to better understand what is crucial and how performance can be measured. We have been using standard Sotrender services as well as their tailor-made solutions for some of our categories. Last but not least, it is a pleasure to work with them.”

Joanna Jakucewicz

Global Digital Marketing Advisor, Nestle Global

“Sotrender is a valuable insights tool for keeping track of the performance of branded Facebook pages. We use it for getting an at-a-glance overview of the pages we manage and see how they track against competitors. This is great for both ongoing performance monitoring as well as planning - including discovering insights for strategy development & reviews and pitching new ideas.”

Christian Green

Director & Partner, Patchwork

“Sotrender is a very good and flexible solution for agencies. It is fairly priced and delivers good and easy insightd into Facebook's data. I was recommended by a collegue to take a look at Sotrender and I was convinced to give it a try and I haven’t regretted it since.”

Steffen Nyholt Petersen

Consultant, InsightGroup

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