Reports, PR & conferences

We love working with media, journalists, and bloggers, providing them with the best data out there. You can freely use our reports (Trends and others). We cooperate with organisers of conferences and our team members can't wait to share their knowledge about social media, data analysis, and marketing. Do you want to know more about how we work and what you can learn from social media? Invite us to speak at your event or to cooperate with your great ideas! Drop us a line at


  • Jan Zając

    Jan Zając, Ph. D., CEO

    Psychologist & economist, experienced consultant & researcher, who speaks 6 languages and has cycled around 17 countries.

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  • Paweł Kucharski

    Pawel Kucharski, CTO

    Coder with 10 years of experience in big data, who built a yacht & a space craft, and developed software solutions for MVNO, IM & VoIP operators, TV shows, & governments.

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  • Dominik Batorski

    Dominik Batorski, Ph. D., Chief Scientist

    Sociologist, data scientist, senior researcher analyzing social networks since 2002, who led over 30 major research projects.

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  • Dominika Rębelska

    Dominika Rębelska, Account Manager

    Dominika gains her first experience in sales in Sotrender. Lover of spontaneous travel, books and ukulele.


  • Klaudia Żyłka

    Klaudia Żyłka, Marketing Specialist

    Huge fan of Instagram with over 3 years of experience in marketing. Gained experience e.g. in IT and education sectors. Improving her marketing skills every day.

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Customer Service

  • Aleksandra Rosiak

    Aleksandra Rosiak, Customer Success Specialist

    She spends her free time having fun with analog photography, experimenting with computer graphics and discovering new music.

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  • Radosław Pawlak

    Radosław Pawlak, Research Manager

    Experienced coordinator of research projects. In his free time he's a runner and a homebrewer.

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  • Kamila Stachura

    Kamila Stachura, Analyst

    Kamila graduated from Warsaw School of Economics. She's most interested in text mining and data visualisation. In her free times, she travels and plays board games.

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  • Marcin Grodzicki

    Marcin Grodzicki, Head of Product

    Product Manager with particular interest in data driven tools and process automation. Likes to ask crucial questions such as 'what feature use indicates conversion propensity' or 'which one of you broke the coffee machine'.

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  • Paula Wojtysiak

    Paula Wojtysiak, Junior Product Manager

    Product victim with 3 years of experience in marketing. Passionate about design and good beats.

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  • Wojciech Staszczyk

    Wojciech Staszczyk, Product Designer

    Product Designer who pays great attention to the right design process, experimental approach to product development and team culture. In his spare time he’s wondering how to define UX.

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